FERM blacklist
News 18 oktober 2021

Storage Spoofing Blacklist

In the FERM series on Storage Spoofing, we shed light on this form of cybercrime to raise awareness in the port area. You can find all of the articles of our campaign online here, in both Dutch and English. For quick access to the introductory article, click here for Dutch and here for English.

If you have information regarding suspicious websites or organizations, we will be sure to verify your input and add the website to our blacklist if necessary. You can find us at storagespoofing@ferm-rotterdam.nl. Please note that we cannot investigate individual cases, nor can we provide assistance in ongoing cases.

If you need help in finding out if any deal on offer is deemed suspicious or to share an occurrence of fraud, we have partnered up with TCT, where a department for Enhanced Due Diligence Solutions has been set up. Find out more.

Pro-active prevention

Our key objective is pro-active prevention. That is why, as a complement to our articles, we have set up a dedicated section of our website for a blacklist: a list of websites that are implicated in storage spoofing. These websites are highly unreliable and often based on existing companies in the port area. In some cases (part of) company or brand names of legitimate entities have been falsely appropriated. It is not our intent to harm legitimate enterprises whose brand name has been adopted, but it is necessary to publish both the name and the URL of fake websites to best enable effective prevention. For instance, Petrobras BV, a legitimate company, is featured in the list below because http:// petrobrasbv .com* is not an official Petrobras website. Moreover, tank storage is not a part of Petrobras' business and the official website is http://www.petrobras.com.br/pt/.

The sole purpose of these blacklisted websites is to facilitate attempts to defraud and swindle companies and entrepreneurs by offering non-existent products and services. 

*Please note: we've broken up all URLs so as to avoid hyperlinking to these websites and aiding in their Google ranking. If you wish to check out one of these websites, just copy/paste the URL and remove additional spaces. Also note that the following list serves as a resource in avoiding fraudulent websites only; FERM does not actively pursue taking these websites down.


Be advised that any website featured here might already have been removed and taken offline, but is still listed as we have chosen to keep a record for future reference.

A15 Logistics BV, http:// www.a15logistics .nl

Abundance Storage LLC, https:// abundancestroagellc .com 

ADI Logistics BV, http:// adi-logistics .nl

AFS Nederland, http:// afs-nederland .nl

Aircraft Fuel Supply BV, http:// afsnl .com/

Akhtubinskaya Neftebaza, http:// akhtubinskaya-neftebaza .ru/ 

Aleksandrovsky Oil Plant Refinery, http:// anpz-tomsk .ru/

Alliance Marine, http:// alliance-marine .ru

Alliance Marines, http:// almars .ru/en/index.html

Almeda Terminal, https:// almedaterminal .com

Alpha, http:// alpha-terminals .com (abuse of company name Alpha Terminals BV, official domain https://alphaterminals.nl)

Amsterdam PCV, amsterdamspcv .com

Amurtransneft Tank Storage, http:// amurtransneft .ru/

AO Deltakom, http:// dtkm .ru/

AO Logistics, https:// ao-logisticsnetherlands .nl

AOT Global Logistic, http:// aotglobal-logistic .ru/

Apex Global Logistics, http:// apexgloballogistics.nl/

Api Trade BV, https:// apitradebv .nl

Aramco Tank Storage & Logistics, https:// aramcotank .ru

Argos Trading, https:// argostradingbvllc .com

Arsneftetrans, http:// arsneftetranslic .ru/ & http:// arsneftetrans .ru

Ashmore Storage Logistics, https:// ashmorestoragelogisticsltd .com

AstraFlot shipping company, http:// astra-flot.ru/index .php

AUE Beheer, http:// auebeheer .nl/

Avantra BV, https:// avantrabv .com/

AV Maritime Logistics BV, http:// av-maritimelogistics .nl

Avlinskaya Neftebaza, http:// navlinskaya .ru/index.html

Azimut Logistics LLC, http:// azimutlogistic .com

Baltic Oil Terminal, http:// balticterminal .ru/ 

Baltic Port Tank Farms, http:// en.balticport-tankfarms .ru

Baltiysk Terminal BV, http:// baltiyskterminalbv .nl/index.php

Banyan Caverns, http:// banyancaverns .ru/

BAT-Logistika LLC, http:// bat-logistika .ru/

Baza SV, http:// baza-sv .ru/

Black Si Shipping Service LLC, http:// blacksishippingservice .ru/index.html

Beacon Terminals BV, http:// beaconterminals .nl

Beheer BV, http:// beheer-bv .com

Benetanker Chartering BV, http:// benetanker .nl

Bexcon B.V., http:// bexcon .nl/

Binschel BV, http:// binschel .nl/

BiPa Rotterdam, biparotterdam .nl

Bk-logistic tank farm, http:// bk-logistic .ru/index.html

BNG logistics gmbh, https:// bnglogistics .com/

BN Storage Tanks, https:// staj-pisnice .cz/

Bodo(n) Logistics, https:// bodon-logistics .nl

Boliden Chemikalien Handelsgesellschaft, https:// bch-terminal .nl/

Bominflot BV Tank Storage, http:// bominflot .nl

Borax Rotterdam Storage NV, http:// boraxrotterdamnv .com/

Borets Servis-nefteyugansk Tank Farm, http:// bstankfarm .com/

Botlek Tank Terminal, http:// botlektankterminal .nl/ & .com/ (Abuse of company name: Botlek Tank Terminal)

Botlek Tank Terminal, https:// botlekportfacility .com (Abuse of company name: Botlek Tank Terminal, as well as images of HES international)

BP Terminals & Logistics Company, https:// bpterminals .nl/

Bridge Terminal, http:// bridge-terminals .ru/ & https:// bridge-terminal .com/

Brightoil Petroleum BV, https:// brightoilpetroleumbv .nl/

Briz Tank Terminals, http:// briztt .com/

BSL Global BV, http:// bslglobalbv .com/

Btv-trust, http:// btv-trust .ru/

Bulk Lines Terminal, http:// bulklines .ru/

Bulk Terminal Oss BV, http:// bulkterminaloss .nl

Burdoch Terminals, https:// burdocktankterminalservicesbv .com (abuse of company name Vopak as a supposed joint terminal venture)

Butrol BV, http:// butrol .nl/

BV Trans, https:// bv-trans .ru/home

BV-Logistik, https:// bv-logistik .nl/

By Transport & Logistiek BV, https:// bv-bytranslogistiek .nl/

C-Shipping & Minerals, https:// cshippingminerals .nl

Calidiris BV, http:// calidirisbv .com (abuse of company name: Calidiris BV)

Cammis Marine BV Tank Storage and Logistics, cammismarinebv .nl

Capital-Bunker LLC, http:// capital-bunker .ru/

Cargo LLC, http:// cargo-llc .ru/

Carbossa International BV, http:// carbossainternational .com/

CC Dutch Storage, https:// ccdutchstorage .nl

Celema BV, http:// celema .nl/

Chaplyginskaya Neftekbaza http:// chaplyginskayatankfarm .ru/

Chechenneftechimprom, chechenneftechimprom .ru

Chemical & Storage Oil Management, https:// europeoil .com

Chemicals & Oil Storage Management Limited, https:// europeoil .com 

Chemtrade Aglobis BV, http:// chemtradetanks-aglobis .com/

Chemtrade Storage Nederland BV, http:// chemtradestorage .com

Cobart Lite, http:// cobart-lite .ru/

Colonial Grade Trading, https:// colonialgrade .com

Conoco Terminal, https:// conoco-terminal .com/ 

Contracting and Terminal Solutions, http://  contractingterminalsolutions .nl

Coral Star Shipping, http:// coralstarshippingbv .nl/

Corevillo Limited, http:// corevillo .com/

CosyLogistics BV, http:// cosylogisticsbv .com

Crystal Terminal, http:// crystal-terminal .ru/

CSO Oil Storage, https:// cso-oil-storage .nl

CTST-Group, http:// ctsc-group .com/

Dagaz Shipping and Logistics, http:// dagazsl .nl

Dalvep LLC, http:// dalvep .ru/

Danube Terminal, https:// danubeterminal .ru/

Dan-Balt Tank Terminal, http:// dan-balttank .nl

Delcon Maritime Tank Terminal, https:// delconterminal .com/

Delta Oil Tanking BV, http:// deltaoiltanking .com/

Delta Terminal BV, https:// delta-terminal .nl/

DKF Corporation Sdn Bhd, datukkhairul.fahmy@gmail.com

DKHO Tatsinskaya, https:// dkho-tatsinskaya-tankfarm .com

Diesel Transport Logistic, www. dieseltrans .ru/

DiVito Marine Consulting BV, http:// divitomarine .com/

DSP Logistics BV, http:// dsplogisticsbv .com/

Dulogistics BV, https:// dulogisticsbv .nl/

Dutch Star BV, http:// dutchstarbv .com/

E.P. Stevedoring BV, http:// espship .nl (abuse of company name: E.P. Shipping & Trading B.V.)

Ecotrans Tank Farm, https:// ecotrans52 .com/

Ekoneft Terminal, http:// ekoneftterminal .ru/

EMEC storage, https:// niehuis-vdb .com/

EnecoGroup, http:// enecogasspeicher .nl/ (abuse of company name: Eneco)

Energoresurs Tank Farm, https:// energoresursllc .ru

Energos LLC, http:// energosllc .ru/

ESSR BV, https:// essr-bv .com

ETT4 BV, http:// ett4bv .com (copy of https://www.vtti.com/terminals/ett-the-netherlands)

ETT Pipeline Operations BV, http:// ett-pipeline .nl/

Euro-Asian Oil, http:// eaoil.com .nl/index.php

Euro-Asian Oil BV, http:// eaoil.com .nl/

Euronav Logistics, https:// euronav-logisticsllc .rf.gd

Euro Tankfarm, http:// eurotankfarm .nl

Euro Tank Amsterdam, https:// eurotankamsterdambv .com

Euro Tank Terminal BV, https:// eurotankterminalbv. nl/ETT/index.html (copy of https://www.vtti.com/terminals/ett-the-netherlands)

Euro Tank Terminal, http:// eurotankterminal .nl/ (copy of https://www.vtti.com/terminals/ett-the-netherlands)

Email: storage@eurotankterminalbv.nllogistics@eurotankterminalbv.nl (abuse of VTTI address and company info)

Euro Terminals LLC, http:// euroterminals .ru/

Euromax Beheer BV, https:// euromaxbeheerbv .nl/

Euromax Terminal CV, https:// euromaxcv .com/

Europabiofarm LLC, http:// europabiofarm .ru/

Europa Storage Terminals, https:// esterminals .com/

European Tank Logistics, http:// eutanklogistics-bv .com/

European Transport & Storage Center BV, https:// ets-rotterdam .nl

Europoort BV, http:// europoorttankers .com/

Eurotank Amsterdam BV, http:// eurotankamsterdam .nl (abuse of company name: VTTI)

Eurotank Belgium BV, https:// eurotankbelgium .nl

EVB Transport, https:// evbtransportbv .nl

Evergreen Marine Tankers, https:// evergreenmarinetankers-oiltanking .com

Evionee Logistic, http:// evioneelogistic .com

Exfor Logistics BV, http:// exforlogisticsbv .com/ 

Exploitatie BV, http:// exploitatie .org & http:// ebvt .nl/

Extar BV, http:// extar .nl/

ExxonMobil Wink Terminal, exxonmobilwinkterminal .com

Fabinacci Group PC Port Terminal Agency, http:// fabinaccilogistics .com/

Favorit LLC, http:// iffavorites .com/

Favorit LLC, http:// milease .com/

FM-Bunker OOO, http:// fm-bunker .ru/

Fortec BV, fortecbv .com

Fuel Logistics and Finance BV, http:// fuellogistics .nl/index.html

Garant Tank Boerderij(!), https:// garant-tankfarm .nl/

Gazkom LLC, http:// gazkom-npz .ru/

Gazprom Neft - Oil Termina, http:// gazpromneftlogistics .nl

Gaznefte Holding LLC, http:// gaznefteholding .com/

Gazterminal-smolensk, http:// gazterminal-smolensk .ru

Gazpromneftstorage, https:// gazpromneftstorage .ru/

Geo Tank Storage https:// geotankstorage .com & .org (abuse of official party geobv.nl)

Gevelco Distriport BV, http:// gevelcodistriport .nl/

Gevelco Terminals BV, http:// gevelcoterminals .nl/

Gdansk Druzhba Pipeline http:// gdansk-druzhba-pipeline-nv .business/site/

Gdansk Druzhba Pipeline NV, http:// gdanskdruzhba .nl/

Giskom Storage, https:// giskom-storage .com

Global Petrol Storage, http:// gpsa .nl/

Gram Fuel, gramfuelbv .com

Greens Port CBR, https:// greensportcbr .com

GS,  gsstorage .de

GSE Bizz BV, https:// gse-bizzbv .nl/

GTL Shipping, https:// gtl-shipping .com

Hanno Rotterdam, http:// hannorotterdam .nl

Harkema Storage bv, https:// harkemastorage .nl/

Hartel Oil Terminal BV, http:// harteloilterminalbv .nl

Havenkoerier BV Tank Farm, https:// havenkoerier-bv .nl/

Havik Services BV, http:// havikservicesbv .nl/

HES botlek tank terminal holding BV, https:// hesinternaltional .com/ (Abuse of company name HES international)

HES Hartel B.V, https:// hes-hartelbv .com (Abuse of company name HES international)

HES Hartel Tank Terminal, http:// hestankterminals .eu (Abuse of company name HES international)

HES international BV, http:// hesinternationalbv .eu/ (Abuse of company name HES international)

HES international China, http:// hesinternational .cn/ (Abuse of company name HES international)

HES Tank Terminals, hestankterminals .eu

HimTerminal LLC, http:// himterminal .ru/

Houston Tank Terminal, https:// houstontankterminal .com

Hoyer Nederland BV, http:// hoyer-nl .com 

Hoyer Flexitank, http:// hoyerflexitank .nl

HT Holland Terminal BV, https:// htterminalbv .com/

Huelva Container Terminal, https:// huelvaconbv .nl en https:// huelvaconbv .nl/ebs-rotterdam.html

HVM Logistics, https:// hvmlogistics .nl

Iara BV Tank Terminal, https:// iarabv .com/

IFK Storage, http:// ifkstorage .ru/

Imperia Freight, http:// imfreight .ru/

INC-West Tank Storage, http:// inc-west .com/index.html

InmorTerminal LLC, http:// inmorterminals .ru/

Interaction Chartering, https://  interaction-chartering .com/

Inter Winst Shipping & Logistics, https:// interwinstshippinglogistics .com/

Intergas Gasnetwerk, http:// intergas-gasnetwerk .com

Intertek-SPB, http:// interntekspb .ru/

ISTRINSKAYA NEFTEBAZA, https:// istrinskaya-neftebaza .ru/

ITank BV, http:// itankbv .nl/ (abuse of company name iTanks)

Itzamna Logistics, itzamna-logisticsbv .com

Jaegers Shipping BV, https:// jaegersshippingbv .nl/ (abuse of company name: Jaegers Group)

JC Stolk BV Rotterdam, http:// jcstolkbv .com

JFK Shipping BV, http:// jfkshipping .org/

Jooger Transport, https:// joogertransport .nl/

JSC Globoil Terminal, https:// globoilterminal .com/

JSC MARINE OIL TERMINAL, https:// marine-oilterminal .ru/

JSC Veds, https:// jsc-veds .ru/

JTBM BV Tank Farm, http:// jtbmbvtankfarm .nl/

Junto Terminal & Logistics BV, http:// junto-terminal .nl

Kalinovskoye tank farm, http:// kalinovskoye-tankfarm .ru/

Katkoneft, katkoneft .ru

Kavkaz Shipping, kav-shipping .ru

Kluizendok Tank Farm, http:// kluizendoktankterminal .com

Kobalt Light Tank Farm Services, https:// kobart-light .com

Koningsbosch Storage and Logistics, https:// koningsboschlogistics .com/

Koninklijke Vopak NV, http:// koninklijke-vopaknv .nl/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)

KoVa HSE BV, http:// kovahsebv .nl/ 

Kransneftprom Tank Farm LLC, http:// krasneftprom-tf .ru/

Kuminda TSA BV, https:// kumindatsa .com/

KYCX Logistics BV, http:// kycxstorage .nl/

Lapshinskaya Neftebaza, http:// lapshinskaya-neftebaza .ru/

LBCTT, http:// lbctt. nl/ (Abuse of company name: LBC Tank Terminals)

LBL Tank Terminal, http:// lblterminal .com/

Leningrad Central City Oil-base Tank Farm, http:// lentcgn .ru/

Liege Tank Storage, https:// liegetankstorage .be

Livreur BV, http:// livreur .nl/

LLC Bratsk-Terminal, https:// bratsk-terminal .ru/

LLC "DIN-YUG-OIL", https://  din-ug-oil .ru/

LLC Famcor Shipment, http:// famcorship .ru/en/index.html

LLC Gazpromneft-Invest http:// llc-gni .ru/en/

LLC Georesource M,  http:// georesourcem .ru

LLC Krovotskoe, http:// krotovskoe .com/

LLC Logistics and Storage Terminal, http:// las-terminal .ru/en/index.html

LLC Morskie Verota, https:// tankfarm-morskievorota .ru/

LLC Neftorgservice, http:// nefteorgservices .ru

LLC Novotek (Port of Rotterdam), https:// llcnovotek .ru/port-of-rotterdam.html

LLC Promresurs, https://  llcpromresurs .ru/

LLC Region Gas Servis, http:// en.regiongasservis .ru/

LLC Rosneft, llcrnpurneftegaz .rosneft.com

LLC RN-marine terminal, http:// rnmarineterminal .ru/

LLC RT-AERO, https ://rt-aero .ru/

LLC Sev Logistics Services, http:// sevlogistics .ru/

LLC Shambala, http:// shambala.msk .ru/en/

LLC Terminal, https:// llcterminalgroup .ru/

LLC Terminal D, http:// terminald .ru/en/index.html

LLC Tetras, http:// en.tetrasshipping .ru/

LLC Trans Service, http:// tstank .ru/en/index.html

LLC Vostokport, http:// vostokportllc .ru/

LLC Zapsiboil-Trans, http:// zapsiboil-trans .ru/en/

Logistics Shipping Service LLC, http:// logshipservice .ru/

Logistik Trans, http:// logistiktrans .com

Logistik Trans Service, http:// logistiktransservis .ru/

Logivisi BV, https:// lgvs .nl/

Logivisi BV, https:// algvs .com/

LTD Korkino Tank Farm, https:// korkinotankfarm .com/main

LTE NL Operator BV, http:// ltebv .nl (abuse of company name: LTE Netherlands B.V.)

LTL Logistics BV, http:// ltl-logistics .nl/

Lukoil Benelux BV, http:// lukoilbenelux .nl/ (Abuse of company name Lukoil) 

Luna Shipping BV, https:// lunashippingbv .nl/

Luzskaya Neftebaza, http:// luzskaya-neftebaza .ru

Lyondell Europoort Terminal, http:// lyondellterminals .com/ (abuse of company name: Lyondell)

Lyondell Terminal, http:// lyondellterminal .com/ (abuse of company name: Lyondell)

Lyondell Terminals, http:// lyondellterminals .com/ (abuse of company name: Lyondell)

MA Global Logistics BV, http:// magl .nl (abuse of company name: MA Global Logistics)

Maartense Logistic BV, http:// maartenselogistics .nl/

Maastanks, http:// maastanks .eu/ en http:// maastanks .nl/  (abuse of company name: Maastank)

Maasvlakte Terminal, http:// maasvlakteterminal .nl

Maasvlakte Olie, http:// maasvlakteolie .com/ en  http:// maasvlakteolie .nl/

Maas Tank Storage, http:// maastankstorage .nl/ (abuse of company name: Maastank)

Maastank BV, http:// maastankbv .nl/ (abuse of company name: Maastank)

Maatschap Europoort Terminal, http:// maatschapterminalbv .com/

Maatschap Europoort Terminal, http:// metbv .nl/

Maatschap Europoort Terminal, http:// metbv .com/ (for all three aforementioned: the official MET does not have a website)

Mafina BV, http:// mafina-bv .eu/

Marees Zelf Tank Service BV, http:// maarees.lodderonline .nl / @mariees.nl 

Marin Bunker SIA, http:// marinbunker-sia .lv/

Marine Bidco, http:// marinebidco .nl

Marine Bunker LLC, http:// marine-bunker .ru/

Marine Oil Surveys, http:// marineoilsurvey .nl/

Marine Storage BV, http:// marinestoragebv .com

Marine Terminal BV, http:// marineterminalbv .com

MariNeftGazExport, http:// marineftgazexport .ru/ & http:// marineftgazexport .org/

Marin Trans Logistiks, http:// mtl-shipping .ru/

Master Shipping, http:// mastershipping .ru/

Max Logistics BV, http:// maxlogistics .nl 

Max Storage, http:// max-storage .nl

Maximum Shipping, https:// maximum-shipping .ru/

Meagle Terminals,  https:// meagleterminals .com/

Mekka Shipping, http:// mekkashippings .ru/

MET http:// metbv .com

Meritaym-Shipservis LLC, http:// meritaym-shipservis .com

Meworksbv, https:// meworkbv .nl

MG Logistics, http:// mg-logistics .nl/

Migliore Logistics BV, http:// migliorelogisticsbv .com

Miro Transport BV, http:// mirotransport .nl/

Mineral Logistics, http:// llcminlogistics .ru/en/

MJ Otterspeer Blonk Tank Farms, http:// mjotterspeerblonkbv .nl/

Modern Forwarding LLC, http:// modernforwarding .ru/

Moerdijk Tankstorage, https:// moerdijk-tankstorage .com

Morgan Shipping CV, http:// morganshipping .nl/

Morservice Group ltd, http:// morservice-group .ru/

Multicon, https:// multicon-bv .nl

Multicore BV, multicore@protonmail.com, http:// multicorebv .com/ 

MULTICORE C.V., https:// mptc .company

Multicore Pipeline, http:// multicorepipeline .nl

Murmansk Balker, http:// murmanskstorage .ru/en/home.html

Murmansk Balker Terminal, https:// mbterminal .ru/

MSE Logistic Services B.V, http:// mselogisticsbv .com/ (abuse of company name: Service Terminal Rotterdam)

Nakhodka Oyl Bunker, http:// eng.oylbunker .ru/

Nederland Logistic Services, https:// nederlandlogisticbv .nl/

Nedstore terminal BV, http:// nedstoreterminals .com

Neft Aktiv, https:// neftaktiv .com/

Neftebaza No 7, http:// neftebaza7 .ru/

Neftebaz Chkalovsky, https:// neftebaza-chkalovsky .ru/

Neftinvest-Terminal, http:// neftinvestterminal .ru/

Nekst TankFarm, https:// nkttankfarm .com/

Neif oil storage benelux bv, http:// beneluxstorage .com/

Newco tsa bv, https:// newcotsabv .eu

Niehuis & van den berg BV, https:// niehuis-vdb .com/

Nima Storage BV, http:// nima-storage .com/

Nitek SAP Shipping, http:// nisas .ru/

Nizhnekamskaya Neftebaza, http:// nik-ru .ru/ & http:// nizhnekamskaya-neftebaza .ru/

NKT Tankfarm, http:// nkttankfarm .com

NMZ Trans, nmz-trans .com/index.html

NNK Razvitie, https:// nnk-razvitie .ru

Nordwegs Tanks Farm & Shipping Company, https:// nordwegs .com/

Nordweg Tank Farm & Logistics, https:// nordwegs .org/

Norilsk Nickel Logistics BV, http:// norilsknickellogistics .nl/

Nostrum Tank, https:// nostrumtank .nl/index.php/

Novator LLC, http:// eng.novatorstorage .ru/

Noveks Marine, http:// noveksmarine .ru

Novo Logistics LLC, http:// novologistics .ru

Novobalt Terminal, https:// terminal-novobalt .ru/

Novorossiysk Shipping Company, http:// novorossisyskshipping .com

Novorossiysk Fuel Oil Terminal, https:// nfot .info

Novotank Storage LLC, http:// novotankstorage .ru/

Novotek Port of Rotterdam, https:// llcnovotek .ru/port-of-rotterdam.html

NP Neftyanik, http:// np-neftyanik .ru/

NPP Vladport, https:// npp-vladportbunker .ru/index.php

NRG Tank Farm, nrgtankfarm .com

Nuon Storage BV, http:// nuonstorage .com/

Oakley EDC, http:// oakleyedc .com/

OAO Nefto-Service, http:// neftoservice .ru/en/index.html

Oderco Petroleum, https:// odercopetroleum .com

Odfjell Tanks, http:// odfjelltanks .com (abuse of company name: Odfjell)

Oil Shipping BV, http:// oilshippingbv .com/

Oil Shipping Bunkering BV, https:// oilshippingbunkering-bv .com

Oilgasterminal, http:// oilgasterminal .ru

Oiltanking Amsterdam, http:// oiltankinglogistics .nl/ (abuse of company name: Oiltanking)

Oil Tank Storage, http:// oiltankstorage .ru

Oilwas Terminal Cuijk B.V., http:// oilwasterminal .com/

Olieproducten Julianasluis BV, http:// olieproduktbv .nl/

Omsk Tank Farms, http:// eng.omsktankfarm .ru/

Omsk Terminal & Logistics, http:// omsk-logistics .ru/

Onego, http:// onegoship .ru/

OOO Akhtubinskaya-Neftebaza, http:// akhtubinskaya-neftebaza .ru/

OOO Argayashskaya Tank Farm, http:// argayashskaya .ru/

OOO Baltneft-Tanker, http:// baltnefttanker .ru/

OOO Bridge Terminal, http:// bridgeterminal .ru/

OOO Daloil, https:// daloilstorage .com/

OOO Dalvostoktrans Plus, http:// dalvostoktrans-plus .com/

OOO National Oil Consortium, http:// ooonationaloilconsortium .ru

OOO Neftebaza Sokolska, http:// neftebaza-sokolska .ru/

OOO Odorneft, http:// oooodorneft .com/

OOO PBK Terminal, https:// pbkterminal .ru/

OOO Regional Oil Company "RENEKO", http:// regionaloilcompanyreneko .com/

OOO Shipping and Logistics, https:// shippingandlogistics .ru

OOO Storage Department, http:// storage-department .ru/

OOO Tank Terminal Logistiks, http:// tankfarm-logistiks .ru/

OOO Transgas, https:// transgazru .com/

OOO Vargashinskaya Tank Terminal, http:// vargashinskaya .ru/en/index.html

OOO Vodinskiy Terminal, http:// vodinskiy-terminal .com

OOO Yunko Logistics, http:// yunko-logistics .ru/

Ophergasneft, https:// ophergasneft .com/

Orca Logistics, http:// orcalogisticsservices .nl/ 

Origin Station Terminal, https:// originstationterminal .com

Orneftegaz zao, http:// orneftegazzao .ru/

Oltex, http:// oltexbv .nl/

Origbo UK Tank Farm, https:// origbo-tankfarm .com

Origin Business Engineering BV, http:// origin-be .com/

Ozburn-Hessey Tank Terminal, https:// oh-terminal .nl/

Panaford Hope Trading BV, http:// panafordhopetradingbv .nl/

Pazone Energy, https:// pazoneenergy .com/

PBK Terminal, http:// pbkt .ru/en/index.html

Pedroluz, https:// pedroluz .nl

Pervij Zavod, https:// pervijzavodllc .ru/

Petrobras BV, http:// petrobrasbv .com/

Petroplus Tankstorga Int. BV, https:// petroplustankstoragebv .com/

Petrotan Oil, http:// petrotan-oil .nl/er.html

Petrozavodskneftbaza, http:// petrozavodskneftbaza .ru/

Petro Inspections Group, http:// petroinspections .nl/

Petro Terminal, http:// petro-terminal .com/index.html 

Phoenix Tankfarm, http:// phoenixtankfarm .com/

Phoenix fuel storages, http:// phoenixfuelstorage .com/

PLA logistics company BV, https:// logisticscompanybv .nl/

Poltava Neftebaza, http:// poltavaneftebaza .ru/

PortStorage Group BV, http:// portstorage .nl/

portofrotterdamthenetherlands@gmail.com (Abuse of company: Port of Rotterdam) 

Port Service Europoort BV, http:// ps-europoort .nl/

Port Terminal Agency http:// evioneelogistics .com/

Port TradingCo, http:// port-tradingco .nl/ (abuse of company name: Standic)

PortMatch BV, http:// port-match .nl/en/

Premium Logistics, http:// premlgs .ru/

Premium Storage Solutions, http:// premiumstoragesolution .com/

Premium Terminal, http:// premium-terminal .ru/en/

Primorsk Tank Terminal Logistic, https:// primorsk-terminal .com/en/

Primorsky Oil Terminal LLC, http:// eng.primorskyot .ru/

Primorskiye Fuel Terminal, http:// primorskiyfuelterminal .ru/ 

Prom Transit, http:// promtransit .nl/

Promtorg Tankfarm, https:// promtorgstorage .com/

ProTrans BV, https:// protransbv .com/

Q8 Kuwait Petroleum Europoort BV, http:// q8-europoort .nl (abuse of company name Q8, official website: https://q8research.com/)

Rada Logistics, https:// radalogistics .ru

Region Express Tanks Farms,  https:// regionexpress-tf .ru

Renyap Multiservice, http:// renyapmultiservice .nl

Resurs Tanker LLC, http:// resurstanker .ru/en/

RK-Oil, https:// rk-oil .com/

RN-supply, rn-supply .com/

RN-transhipping, http:// rn-transhipping .ru

Romij Tankstorage, http:// romij-tankstorage .nl

Romij Tank Storage BV, http:// romijstoragebv .nl/index.html

Romijn Energie Nederland BV, http:// romijnenergienbv .nl/

Rosest Petronal, rosestpetronal .ru/index.html

Rossfarm, http:// rossfarm .ru/

Rosta Terminal, rostaterminal .ru/

Rotterdam Farm Tanks, http:// rotterdamfarmtanks .com/

Rotterdam Farm Tanks, http:// rotterdamfamtank .com/

Rotterdam Logistics Services, https:// rlss .nl

Rotterdam Oil, http:// rotterdamoil .com/

Rotterdam Port Support, https:// rotterdamportsupportbv .nl/terminals/

Rotterdam Port Terminal Agency, http:// ropoterag .nl/

Route 68, https:// route68 .nl/

Royal Tankers BV, https:// royaltankersbv .com/

RTM Logistics, http:// rtmlogistics .nl/ 

Rubio Tank BV, http:// rubiotank .nl

Rubis Storage, rubisstorage .com

Rudertec Logistics, https:// ruderteclogisticslimited .com

Rusoil, https://  rusoil .org

Rusbunker, http:// rusbunker .net/ & http:// rusbunker .ru/

Rusbunker LLC, http:// nft-llc .ru/

RusPetgaz, http:// ruspetgaz .ru/en/

Ruza Oil, http:// ruza-oil .ru/

Sakhalin Oil Shipping, http:// soshipping .ru/

Saldusnaftabaza, http:/ /saldusnaftabaza .com/

Samara Terminal, https:// samaraterminal .ru/terminals

Samara Transneft Storage, https:// samaratransneftstorage .ru

Samtrans Tank BV, https:// samtranstank .nl 

Sargeant Logistic Terminal BV, http:// sargeantlogistic .com/

SAS Transport Logistic BV, http:// sastransportlogistics .nl/

Satek LLC, http:// satek-llc.com/en/

SBD Logistiek BV, http:// sbdlogistiekbv .nl

SCR Terminal BV, https:// srcterminal .nl

Sea model freight, http:// smfsce .com

Sea Tank Terminal, http:// seatankterminalnv .nl

Seagle Oil Refinery & Shipping Company

Seco Logistics, http:// seco-logisticsnl .net/

Senako Oil, http:// senako-oil .ru/

Service Storage BV llc, http://  servicestoragebvllc .nl/

SGS SA, http:// sgsgroup .nl/

Shell CO2 Storage BV, http:// shellco2 .nl (abuse of company name: Shell)

Shell CO2 Storage BV, http:// shellco2 .com (abuse of company name: Shell)

Shell Europoort Oil Terminal, http:// shell-et .com (abuse of company name Shell) 

Shipping and Logistics, https:// shippingandlogistics .ru

Shipping Line Rusflot, http:// shippinglinerusflot .ru

Sicura Logistic, sicuralogistics@gmail.com

Simpatrans Oil, http:// simpatransoilgas .com/

Sitrans Holland BV, http:// sitrans .nl/

SK Refrybflot, http:// rflot .com/

SLON Logistics, https:// slonlogistics .com/

SK Tank Terminal, https:// sk-tankterminal .com/

Snijders Olie BV, https:// snijdersoliebv .com/ en http:// snijdersoliebv .nl/

Sokolovskoe, https:// sokolovskoe-tf .ru/

Sol Trans BV, https:// sol-t .nl/

Solid Terminal LLC, http:// solidterminal .ru

SSR Shipping Tank Storage, http:// ssr-shipping .com/

Standik BV, http:// standicbv .nl/ (abuse of company name Standic, official website https://www.standic.com/)

Standik Tank Farm LLC, http:// standiktankfarm .com/index.php (abuse of company name Standic, official website https://www.standic.com/)

Standik Terminal, https:// www.standicterminal .nl/ (abuse of company name Standic, official website https://www.standic.com/)

Standik Terminal Tank, https:// standicterminal .nl/index.html#home (abuse of company name Standic, official website https://www.standic.com/)

Stargate Oil Terminal B.V., http:// stargate-otrbv .com/ (abuse of company name Stargate Oil, official website https://www.stargateterminal.com/)

Stargate Oil Terminal Rotterdam BV, http:// stargateoilterminal .co.uk/ (abuse of company name Stargate Oil, official website https://www.stargateterminal.com/)

Stargate Oil Terminal Rotterdam BV, https:// stargateoilterminal .com/ (abuse of company name Stargate Oil, official website https://www.stargateterminal.com/)

Stolt-Nielsen Logistics BV, http:// stolt-nielson .com (abuse of company name and website: https://stolt-nielsen.com/)

Stolt Nielsen fake documents being sent through ard.bout@nlstoragesolt-nielsen.comsales@gazprom-nefte.ru; office@neft-tranzitllc.ru (abuse of company name Stolt Nielsen, official website https://stolt-nielsen.com/)

Storage Benthuizen BV, http:// storagebenthuizenbv .com

Stradoil Terminals, https:// stradoiltanks .com/

Stuurman Storage Bv http:// stuurmanstorage-bv .com/

Suda Logistics, http:// sudalogistics .nl/

SUNOIL TANKSTORAGE BV, http:// sunoiltankstoragebv .com/

Svetdarkovy, https:// svetdarkovychpoukazu .cz

Svh- Logistic Tank Farm, https:// svh-logistic .ru

SVO Storage BV, http:// svo-storagebv .com/

Tambov Terminal Storage & Logistics, http:// tambov-terminal .ru/

Tank Cargo BV, https://  tankcargobv .com/ (abuse of company details: Do-Bo tanktransport)

Tank Depot Europoort BV, http:// tankdepoteuropoort .nl/ 

Tank Depot Europoort BV, http:// paktanks .ukit.me/

Tank Farm Bekasovo, http:// en.tankfarmbk .ru/

Tank Holding B.V., http:// tankholding .nl/

Tank Management BV, http:// tankmanagementbv .nl

Tank storage agreement, novorosnefteservice .ru

Tank Storage Argent BV, https:// tankstorageargentbv .nl

Tank Storage stybarrow, http:// stybarrowmvbv .com/

Tank Storage Assets B.V, https:// tankstorageassetsbv .com/ & .nl/ (abuse of company name: Tank Storage Assets)

Tankstorage assets BV, https:// tankstorageassets .nl/ (abuse of company name: Tank Storage Assets)

Tank Topco BV, http:// tanktopco .nl/

Tank Topco BV, http:// tanktopcoo .nl/

Tank Storage Beheer B.V., https:// beheerbv .com/ 

Tank Care BV, https:// tankcare .nl

Tankers Logistics Service, http:// t-logisticsservices .ru/

TankPort BV, tankportbv .nl (abuse of legit company name TankPort, www.tankport.nl)

Tankfarm No.7 BV, http:// neftebaza-7 .nl/

Tankterminal Europoort West, http:// europoort-west .nl

Taranaki shipping BV, https:// taranakibv .com/

Tatsinskaya Neftbaza, https:// tatsinskayaneftbaza .ru/

TEAM terminals, http:// team-terminals .nl/ (abuse of company name: TEAM terminal | Official website: http://team-terminal.nl/)

Technokom, https:// technokom-tf .ru/

Temkinskaya Tank Farm, http:// temkinskayatankfarm .ru/

Terminal Istok, http:// terminal-istok .ru

Terminal Storage BV, http:// terminalstoragebv .com

Terminal Storage, http:// terminalstorage .ru

Terminal Stroyservis, http:// terminal-stroyservis .ru/

Terminal SV, terminal-sv .ru

Terminal Vopak, http:// terminal-vopak .com/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)

Terneuzen Tank Terminal B.V., http:// terneuzentankterminal .nl/

TF Logistics, https:// tflogisticsbv .com

TK Logistic, https:// tk-logistic .ru

TK Trastneft, http:// tk-trastneft .ru/en/index.html

TNK Kontar, http:// tnk-kontar .ru/

Tnk-Logistic, http:// tnk-logistic .ru/

TNP Terminal, http:// tnp-terminal .ru/

Tolbino Terminal LLC, http:// en.tolbinoterminal .ru/

TOPAZ Dublin Tankfarm, http:// topazdtankfarm .org/

Toros Tank Services, http:// torostankservices .nl/

Torrance Logistics LLC, https:// torrancelogisticsllc .com/ (abuse of company name Torrance Logistics, now part of PBF Energy, official domain https://www.pbfenergy.com/)

Trans European Logistics, http:// transeuropeanlogistics .nl

Trans-GZ Tank Farm Storage Company, https:// www.trans-gz .ru/storage-1

Trans Meridian, http:// trans-meridian .com/

Trans Pacific S.R.O., http:// transpacificsro .com/

Translodzhistik, http:// storagetranslodzhistik .nl

Transneft Logistics LLC, http:// tnl-transneft .ru/

Transport Forces BV, http:// transport-forces .nl/

TReK STS BV, http:// trekstoragetank .com/

Truton Beheer, http:// trutonbv .com

Truton Beheer BV, http:// trutonbv .com/

TSE Tank Service Europoort BV, http:// tse-tankservice.nl

Tsentr Inzhenernogo Servisa Tank Farms, http:// tsentrinzhenernogo-servisa .ru/en/

TSL Logistics LLC, http:// tsl-logistics .ru/eng/ 

Thune Ft Refinery, http:// thuneftrefinery .ru

Thune Ft Refinery, http:// tuneft .ru

TwinkNL Trade & Logistics BV, http:// twinknlstorage .com/

Ural  https:// Ural - r - d .com

United Bunkering and Transportation Company, http:// ubcbv .nl

Universal Trading Europe BV, http:// universaltradeingeu .nl

Unkurdinskaya Tankfarm LLC, https:// unkurdinskaya-neftbaza .com/

Urli In Logistiek B.V., http:// urliinlogistiek .nl/

Urli In Logistcs, http:// urliinlogistiek .nl/

Usmanskaya tankfarm, http:// usmanskayatankfarm .ru/

Varo Energy Tankstorage BV, https:// varoenergytankstorage .nl/

Verkade Shipping BV, http:// verkade-shipping .nl/

Vesta Terminals, http:// vestateminals .com/ (abuse of company name: Vesta Terminals, official website https://www.vestaterminals.com/)

Vintoil, https ://vintoilllc .ru/vintoil

VIP Terminals, http:// vipterminals .nl/

Vitesse Logistics BV, https:// vitesselogistics .nl

Vitino Storage, vinito-storage .com

Vodinksy Terminal LLC, http:// vodinsky-terminal .ru/

Volga-Logistik LLC, http:// volga-logistik .ru/

Volga Service LLC, https:// orgservis .ru/

Volgo Balt, http:// volgobalt-terminal .ru/

Vondelingenplaat, http:// vondelingenplaat .com/ & http:// kochhcpartnership ./com/

Vopak Chemicals, http:// vopakchemicals .com/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)

Vopak Europoort Terminal Rotterdam BV, http:// vopakeuropoort .nl/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)

Vokap EMEA BV, https:// vopak-bv .nl (abuse of company name: Vopak)

Vopak Maasvlakte, http:// vopakmaasvlakte .com/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)

Vopak Maasvlakte Terminal, http:// storageterminal .nl/  (abuse of company name: Vopak)

Vopak Maasvlakte Terminal, http:// vopakmaasvlaket .nl/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)

Vopak Maasvlakte, http:// vopakmaasvlakte .nl/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)


Vos Logistics Oil Shipping, http:// voslos .com

Vos Tank Storage, vostankstorage .com

Vostok Logistika, http:// vostok-logistika .ru/

Vostok Oil Terminal, https:// vostokoilterminal .ruVostokport, https:// vostokporttank .com/

Vostok Service Bunker LLC, http:// vostokservicebunker .com

Votob, http:// votob .ru (abuse of company name: Votob | Official website: https://votob.nl/) | solved: redirects to the official website 

Ugletrans, https:// ugletransllc .ru

Koninklijke Vopak, http:// koninklijke-vopak .com/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)

V.G.C. Storage & Transport B.V., https:// vgcstorage .nl/

Voronovo-Terminal, http:// voronovo-terminal .ru/

Vostok Bunker, https:// vostokbunker .com

Vostokflot Service, http:// vostokflotservice .ru/

VTTBV, http:// vttbv .com (abuse of company name: VTTI | Direct copy of official website: https://www.vtti.com)

VTTI Group, http:// vttigroup .com/

VTTI Terminal, http:// vtti-terminal .com/ (abuse of company name: VTTI | Official website: https://www.vtti.com)

VYBORG Storage LLC, http:// vyborg-storage .com/eng/

WDS Terminals BV, http:// wdsterminals .com/

Western Terminals, https:// westernterminals .com

Westez Storage Facility, http:// westezstoragefacility .com/

Westland ITL BV, http:// westlanditl .eu/ (abuse of company name: Westland ITL)

Westport Terminals Amsterdam BV, http:// westportterminals .nl/

Wildco BV, http://wildco-bv.com/ (possible abuse of company name: Wildco, https://www.wildco.com)

Wilsco, https:// wilsco .nl

YT Logistic Service BV, http:// ytlogistics .nl/

Yugpromkom Tank Storage, http:// yugpromkom .ru/

Yukos Logistiks, https:// yukos-logistikbv .ru/

Yuzhno Priobskiy, https:// yuzhno-priobskiy .ru/storage.html

Zabsibtrade LLC, https:// zapsibtrade .ru

ZAO IV-Transcom Logistic, https:// iv-translogistic .ru/

Zavu Beheer BV, https:// zavubeheerbv .nl

Z.F.S. Freight & Storages, https:// zfs-freightstorages .com/

Zvezda NSK, https:// zvezda-nsk .ru



We strive to continuously update our blacklist of websites involved in storage spoofing. When new additions are spotted by our team or reported to either FERM or the Port of Rotterdam Authority, we thoroughly check its contents, background details and the companies they supposedly represent to make sure it is indeed a fake website suspected of taking part in attempted spoofing scams before adding it to our list.

Be advised: the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s Facts & Figures brochure includes a listing of all companies and terminals set up in the port, which can helps you to check whether a website is legitimate.


If you have tips and insights or have spotted a fake website, please contact us at storagespoofing@ferm-rotterdam.nl.